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Load Your Bipod


Some of may have heard the term 'loading your bipod' but not fully understood what is meant by that. It means to exert forward pressure on your bipod so that when you fire the rifle and recoil happens the recoil is better managed if the rifle is pushing forward to begin with. How much loading? Well sufficient to have the rifle firmly in your shoulder but not as much as to move your bipod, trial and error will tell you BUT what is important is the consistency of the loading. If this varies too much the way the rifle reacts to the shot becomes a variable which will affect your POI (point of impact). So do I think it is essential to load your bipod? Absolutely. For long range lead slinging you need every aspect of your shot to be consistent and loading your bipod give consistent recoil whereas an unloaded bipod will not.


Should I use a bipod with 'Ski' fittings on the bottom? There is nothing fundamentally wrong with them but if you are in a field fire application they can be more of a hindrance than an asset as you will need to constantly adjust position plus I prefer to feel the rifle in my shoulder but it really is personal taste. We only have loadable bipod on Lead Slinger.


I use a Tactical QD bipod on my rifles, the Quick Detach system means I can leave the bipod in my Range Box and attach it to whichever system I am using. The bipod is adjustable for both traverse and cant (left and right as well as level) ensuring that I get my rifle perfectly level when shooting. If you have any cant on your rifle you will miss the target to the left or right depending on your cant. With this in mind I use the Hawke Anti-Cant Bubble Level on my optic rail to ensure that my rifle remain level and cant free.


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