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Range Kit - Essentials & Useful Bits of Kit


Experience has taught me that there are certain items that you need to take with you whilst on the range and other items that are helpful but you could live without (unless you already have them!). So I have broken this section into the two parts, these are only based on my experience and no doubt others will beg to differ.




These are in no particular order but don't go to the range without one:

  • Cleaning Rod - not to clean your rifle, don't do things like that (ooh there's another topic) but available to you for mishaps such as stuck rounds, jammed cases etc which trust me will happen and if you can't clear it that's the end of your session

  • Bipod, Front Bag or Rest - seems an obvious one this and you would think so, it is also the thing I left behind the most until I switched to a Picatinny mounted bipod for all my rifles. The bipod stays in the range box as you cannot shoot long distance without something to rest the front of your rifle on.

  • A Rear Bag - try as you might to keep your rifle steady using your non-trigger hand you cannot keep it as steady as a rear back. This is also useful for adjusting the angle of your rifle to acquire targets at different distances, simple apply more or less pressure on the rear bag in order to change the angle of the rifle and of course your PoA (Point of Aim)

  • A Range Box  - it is an essential to have a Range Box and keep everything that you need for the range in it then DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!

  • Anti Cant Bubble - shooting a long way consistently is impossible if your rifle is not completely level for every shot, this is why this falls under the essential bracket.

Useful Bits of Kit

  • A Chronograph - not on the essential list as you can shoot without one (unless doing load development) but useful to check speeds if things aren't going to plan!.

  • A Tool Kit - put some Allen keys and Torx keys together along with a knife, scissors and screwdrivers as at some point you will find these very useful, trust me. there were many a time I wish I had mine so I do have a kit that lives in my range box

  • Drink & Snacks - really? Yes everyone else will have these and you need to keep hydrated and not feel hungry in order to shoot well. DO NOT take energy drinks or high sugar foods as this will increase your heart rate and make it difficult to shoot consistently

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